Friday, June 6, 2008

3 Weeks!

They are definately starting to fill out my hand a bit more!
"Blue and White" Boy weighs in at 1lb 5.5oz.
He really is the sweetest little guy

"Fawn Boy" weighs in at 1lb 8.25oz.

He really did not want his picture taken this morning.

"Blue Heart" Girl weighs in at 1lb 5.5oz.

This girl has such an outgoing personality.

"Red Girl" weighs in at 1lb 7.75oz.

She was a little unhappy with the photo shoot at 7am but with a little cuddle session before hand, she was the perfect model.

"Little Africa" weighs in at 1lb 4.375oz.

This girl spends most of her time licking me... she's definately a kisser!

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Joel said...

Happy 3 Weeks! What a great looking bunch! They all look so adorable! :)