Saturday, May 31, 2008

2 Weeks!

We are all steadily gaining and have now about tripled our birth weight. We have learned to make little puppy sounds when we want Mom's attention. Oh yeah - today two of us have eyes!

"Blue Boy" is still in the dark. At 2 weeks old he weighs 1 lb 2.125 oz and his nose is noticeably darker.

"Blue Fawn" boy is still the largest, by far, of the puppies, now weighing 1 lb 4.375 oz. He was the second puppy to open his eyes. "I may be second," he says, "but at least I have two eyes!"

"Blue Heart" girl was peeking at us yesterday, and today still has only the one eye open. "Winking... I'm winking!" she says. "Make sure you get my good side in that photo."
At 2 weeks "Blue Heart" weighs 1 lb 2.125 oz.

"Red Girl", also still in the dark, really stands out in the pack with her beautiful coat colour and dark markings. She is a big girl at 1 lb 3.25 oz, gaining ground on "Blue Fawn".

"Little Africa" -- you can't help but love this one -- still tiny enough at 1 lb 1.25 oz to curl up in your hand, and always content to do so.

Friday, May 30, 2008


I see you!

She hates my "Mystic" spray tan

Trying to get the spray tan off my fingers, obviously I will resort to any method now. What a good little helper.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Morning Bath

Big brother Parker lends a helping hand -- or should we say willing tongue -- with the morning bath.

Bottoms Too!!

Bellies Full -- We're Taking a Nap

This was Day 10 - Sunday, May 25th

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here We Are at 8 Days Old!

We have been busy growing and have all more than doubled our birth weights

First born "Blue Boy" has gone from 6.25 oz to 12.875 oz

Our second boy "Blue Fawn" is now a whopping 15.25 oz up from 7.375 oz

"Blue Heart" girl is in the middle of the pack at 13.375 oz up from 6.375 oz

"Red Girl" second largest puppy, 6.625 oz at birth, briefly lost a bit of ground to "Blue Boy" and "Blue Heart", but is once again weighing in second at 13.625 oz

Little "Africa", our tiny blue girl, 6.125 oz at birth, has caught up to her brother "Blue Boy" at 12.875 oz. ("Tomorrow I pass him," she says)

Breakfast at the gym?

Not sure what Holly was trying to accomplish here with her new nursing technique --

did they get to her before she had a chance to lay down?

was she going for a combo breakfast plate and pilates?

perhaps she was playing mother hen, trying to gather all her chicks under her...

other... comments please

(these photos were actually taken on May 21st -- puppies were 5 days old)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A whole lot of sniff'n goin' on

Everyone wants to meet the new babies!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Meeting Big Brother

Parker was very excited to see his new siblings so we introduced him!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

9:20 am Friday May 16th

Blue coloured girl 6.125 oz
Has a small white patch on her chest in the shape of Africa and white tips on her hind toes

9:09 am Friday May 16th

Red coloured girl 6.625 oz
Has a dark mask, tail and ears, a small white patch on her chest and white hind feet

7:55 am Friday May 16th

Blue coloured girl 6.375 oz
Has a large white heart on her chest and white tips on her hind toes

7:40 am Friday May 16th

Blue/Fawn coloured boy 7.375 oz
Has white on chest, feet and tiny tip of his tail

7:20 am Friday May 16th

Blue coloured boy 6.25 oz
Has white blaze on forehead, white muzzle with white extending down his neck and stomach, white feet and on a tiny tip of his tail.

Friday, May 16, 2008

2 boys 3 girls


So far there are three. 2 Boys and 1 girl. Holly is doing great... stay tuned...