Friday, May 16, 2008

2 boys 3 girls


Emelie Gustafsson said...

AWWW! Congratulations to Holly, hope everything went smoothly!

Joel said...

Congratulations Holly! Your pups are beautiful! (But we knew they would be, of course!).

I bet you feel so much better now Holly :)

Carolyn said...

Way to go Holly!! What a great mother!

What did I say on Monday Janet, something about Friday? !

Give Holly a special treat from me!


Coca said...

May your pups be happy all their days;
May they know only know security and good health;
May they get lots of blankets; and get to sleep in the bed like me.
May they find an owner who will cover them up 75 times a night; feed the best foods and take them outside in the sun.
May they get warm coats for the cold days.
May they live long and joyfully.

An Irish Italian Greyhound Blessing

Kasia said...

Congrats you guys! Well done Holly and Giacomo!

You sure lucked out with a lovely bunch of puppies.