Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here We Are at 8 Days Old!

We have been busy growing and have all more than doubled our birth weights

First born "Blue Boy" has gone from 6.25 oz to 12.875 oz

Our second boy "Blue Fawn" is now a whopping 15.25 oz up from 7.375 oz

"Blue Heart" girl is in the middle of the pack at 13.375 oz up from 6.375 oz

"Red Girl" second largest puppy, 6.625 oz at birth, briefly lost a bit of ground to "Blue Boy" and "Blue Heart", but is once again weighing in second at 13.625 oz

Little "Africa", our tiny blue girl, 6.125 oz at birth, has caught up to her brother "Blue Boy" at 12.875 oz. ("Tomorrow I pass him," she says)

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Kasia said...

They are a gorgeous bunch! And what great photo's too!